Welcome to The Starler Family website!!

My name is Mike Starler and I have been following my family tree, on and off for about 10 years now because I simply like researching where my family comes from. The more I am able to go back in the tree the more interested I get. My sister also had a big part in helping me with this many years back.

All of these sites that help you with this information are nice but eventually their "hints" run out and then my passion fizzles. Eventually something will come up and that will spark my interest again and get me full swing. This is the story of why I have done this on and off for so long.

So what sparked my interest this time? Someone did a DNA testing that matched them to my family through my Great Aunt, but this person also had the story of how my family immigrated to the US. I am being told that in 1905 my 2nd Great Grandfather on my mother's side came to the US from Odessa Ukraine. Him, his wife and his daughter made it to Detroit where they settled.

This is a great story and has got me going again. I am currently putting together a site that will not only show our family history, but have a forum area to discuss topics like this.

(Hopefully Coming Soon)